An interview on my article on Decolonizing Permaculture through Principle 0 by my mentor Rosemary Morrow as featured by Permaculture Magazine.

An interview at the UN Climate COP26 on trauma informed climate leadership by the Pocket Project in Glasgow. 

An interview with Gwyneth Jones, Climate Coach, Deep Adaptation, and Work that Reconnects Facilitator as part of her Story Anew podcasts and interviews. (2021)

An interview with the Online Healing Community facilitated by Ayyi Gardiola inviting me to share about Way-finding through Creativity: Moving from Surviving to Thriving (2021)

A feature on what regenerative design means to me and others who are part of Re-Alliance, a network of regenerative aid and development practitioners and projects around the world. (2020)

A feature as part of Communities at the Edge series by the Global Ecovillage Network interviewed by Kosha Joubert. (2020)

A TED Talk with the Global Regeneration CoLab organized by Possible Futures through a meaningful south to south dialogue on regeneration (2020( 

A sharing together with Possible Futures and the Global Ecovillage Network Oceania and Asia for the Restore Re-Story gatherings (2020)